Eye of the Beholder

Just recently, I had the experience of receiving some negative opinoins concerning my art, or more specifically ,  my choice of subject matter. All of the negative comments came from one Facebook poster.Normally I wouldn’t let comments like that bother me, but for some reason this person’s comments stuck with me.

Now I don’t normally feel the need to justify why I paint what I paint or draw what I draw. Yet for one time only (like the song says) I’m going to explain something : I paint what my heart leads me to paint; whether it appeals to anyone else is immaterial to me. Art isn’t what I do, it’s what I am. So anyone else liking it isn’t a must for me it’s nice if someone does, but at the end of the day if I’m happy about a piece I create that’s all that really matters. The deal is, last week I posted some pictures of some figures are painted on Facebook. This one gentleman comma said that I was painting” too many white women.” This comment irritated me, to the point where I felt like I actually had to defepd my work. After I come down though, I realize that people are so fickle. Once I was asked “what do you have against painting white people?” The fact of the matter is, I avoided painting white people because I really didn’t know how. I was used to painting people that look like me and at that time I felt I was pretty good at it.

This is the painting that got me accused of painting only black people. At the time,it was my favorite.
This is the painting that got me accused of painting only black people. At the time,it was my favorite.

I decided ,  why not? and soon tried my hand at painting a Caucasian person. It was decent, I suppose but I was less than satisfied with the results . Since then, I’ve painted figures with various skin tones and made quite a few improvements on my technique .

Sitting Pretty, an early skin-tone experiment.

Around this same time, I painted the second piece in my Thing of Beauty series ,  A Thing of Beauty, Too..

A Thing of Beauty, Too
A Thing of Beauty, Too











Speaking of things of beauty, I understand that it, like beauty itself, is in the eye of the beholder. It’s totally subjective, and often depends on the viewer’s perspective as to whether it is a good piece or not. Funny thing is, ‘good’ is also a subjective term, and my opinion of good may vary from someone else’s. That’s why  I’ve learned to create art that mainly makes me happy. I just think it’s sad that we live in a world where art has to be labeled as black, white, or otherwise . To me, it’s just art.

Tempation of Adam, one of my 'white' paintings...not.
Tempation of Adam, one of my ‘white’ paintings…not.













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