The Art of Writing

Ok, I’m finally back after being gone for a while. What can I say, life happens. For those of you interested in what I’ve been up to lately, well, some months ago I mentioned that I would be writing a science fiction book featuring people of color. The Substance Of Things Hoped For is completed and has been published as an e-book on For anyone who wants to check it out, here’s the link. I had intended to publish this in paperback, but I ran into a few challenges getting things where I needed them to be, not the least of which were financial (not quite rich yet; lol) so I dedcided to go the e-book route instead. Publishing as an e-book doesn’t quite incur the cost that printing on paper would, but even it isn’t without it’s particular level of difficulty.

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty good at expressing myself in written word; in school my best subject (besides art) was english and literature, and on my day job I frequently get lots of praise for the throughness of my written reports. But I have found that writing a book is at a whole different level of writing.

For instance, along with the usual problems of making sure that grammar and spelling are on point, you have to make sure the story flows logically in a coherent fashion. I’m writing fiction, but to make even fiction believable, you need to do research to accurately present any real world knowledge presented in your story.

Cover art is important for publishing any book. Even though you are dealing with the written word, most people relate to visual ideas and books, even ebooks, don’t do well without  (good) cover art. I recently painted what I intended to be the cover for The Substance Of Things Hoped For, a painting I called Faith.

Faith’, the original intended cover art for ‘Substance’

This painting has recently been sold to a friend, and because I decided that I wanted to represent the characters in the story, I opted to go with my previously mentioned cover.

Cover of ‘The Substance Of Things Hoped For’ as it appears on Smashwords.
Kanji for Faith. In Japanese pronounced shinkou, pronounced xingyang in Chinese.












I’ve already begun writing the follow-up to ‘Substance’, titled ‘Evidence Of Things Unseen’, and as I get better at this writing thing and hopefully some better art software as well, both my storytelling and cover creation will continue to improve. So for those of you who continue this journey with me, I thank you for you continued support.

See you next time.





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